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Play with Augmented Reality

Interact with animals in their respective habitats using augmented reality technology.

The Ocean A/R

Watch the floor fill up with water and transform into an ocean, complete with penguins, fish, and killer whales. Play with these marine animals and learn about them and their habitat. Then use a Wifi-connected PC to color fish, and watch them come to life and swim in front of you on the screen.

Interaction 1 : The penguins can recognize the height of your table and jump onto it. Touch them, and they'll dive back into the water.

Interaction 2 : Go near the school of fish and they will disperse. Stand perfectly still, and they'll come back to you. A killer whale will appear and splash water.

The Forest AR

Using augmented realtiy, grass and flowers bloom on the floor and desk, and you can play with squirrels, rabbits, and butterflies, and other forest creatures. Color butterflies using a tablet PC, and watch them come to life in the screen in front of you.

Interaction 1 : Decorate a butterfly using various colors and patterns on the tablet PC, and they'll appear on the wide screen in front of you.

Interaction 2 : Bring your hands together, and the butterfly will fly over and land on them.

The Jungle AR

In this package, jungle trees and waterfalls sprout in your actual floor space, and users can interact with various jungle creatures.

Interaction 1 : The monkey imitates the actions of the user and begins to dance. Interaction 2 : Bring your hands together, and a parrot will land on your first. Interaction 3 : Touch the turtles, and they will flip over.

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